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Airworks provides 24 hour customized First Class domestic & International Air Charter & Concierge Services.


We offer customized charter service to your specific needs.

Since 1996, Airworks provides 24 hour customized First Class domestic and international air charter and concierge services to professional and discriminating clientele. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rock-It Cargo and with long-term proven and reliable operators, Airworks is accomplished in providing air transportation services to business executives, touring artists and support crews worldwide.

Our Aircraft

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For short-range destinations within 200 miles, a helicopter is the real ideal mode of transport you need for a corporate jet charter.

Turbo Props

Turbo Props

If you’d like some of the comforts of a jet or maybe an aircraft that can access shorter runways, Turbo Props may fit your needs.

Light Jets

These jets are the most economical charter jet for short to mid-range flights with a range of about 1500 miles.

Mid-sized Jets

Midsize Jets generally offer the combination of comfort and efficiency and performance for short to mid-range domestic flights.



If you’re looking for the efficiency of a mid-size jet with cabin comforts of a Heavy Jet, this is the Aircraft category for you.

Heavy Jets

Large Jets

Heavy jets offer premium comfort & range for domestic or international travel. Widely used by business executives or private executive trips.